My name is Darana Sukma Vidya, I am a software developer specialized in front-end development with over years experience.
I have lots of experience in the production of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for modern websites.

I love to design and develop UIs. I care about UX, responsiveness, performance, maintainability and scalability.

Passionate about design, UI/UX, typography and web technologies, always trying to make an extra effort to learn new approaches and techniques. Enjoy working in a team as well as solo.

Skills & Expertise

Front-End Web Development

I like to work closely with designers to faithfully translate their designs right down to the last pixel. On a daily basis you'll find me using HTML, SCSS / BEM, JavaScript / ES2016 and Git with VS Code, Neat, WordPress and Vue / Nuxt, in order to bring creative designs to life.

Web Design

As an experienced Web Designer with fresh ideas, I am a fan of both User Experience (UX) architecture and graphical User Interface (UI) designing forms. Depending on the purpose of the client, I can either design a separate mobile website, or proceed with Responsive.

Web Development

A majority of websites I build today are content managed as standard. I find that the Laravel Framework is often a great choice because it's mature and stable with a built-in REST API. It provides my client's with full editorial control in a way that's intuitive and friendly.

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Recent Works


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